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Partnership Program
Partnership Program in Custom Chemical Manufacturing

The Custom Chemical Manufacturing Partnership Program is a program where Prima Qumica and its client invest time and resources in order to establish Product development and long-term supply relationship.

There are three aspects of the program: Intellectual Property Protection, Security of Supply and Reduction in Costs.

The first stage of the program is the execution of a confidentiality agreement. This document commits each party to protect the technology of the other. Improvements in technology obtained by a customer always remain the exclusive property of the customer, but in a custom chemical manufacturing partnership, improvements in technology developed by Prima Qumica, on its own, are shared with the royalty-free customer in order to reduce costs and increase the market share.

The company that establishes a Manufacturing Partnership with Prima Qumica enjoys exclusivity in acquiring this service in relation to its competitors.

The second key aspect is the guarantee of supply. Prima Qumica will work closely with the customer in forecasting demand, inventory levels, purchasing and raw material logistics to achieve the least costly solution to ensure that customer projections can be achieved without uncorrected risks.

The third aspect relates to product development and application engineering. Often a customer chemical that is in the specification does not produce the desired response when introduced to the customer's production process. Prima Chemistry will work with the customer's technical staff to develop appropriate specifications, help reduce costs, improve yields and increase profitability.

Prima Qumica has a very lean structure, in order to keep its administrative costs low. We keep the minimal bureaucracy, focusing on the chemistry and activities that really generate value for our customers.


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